Rick Bishop/Owner of Bishop Diving & Salvage (BDS) started his commercial diving career in the early 1980's. After graduating from, College of Oceaneering, he worked for various commercial diving companies throughout the U.S. gaining valuable diving experience on various public and private diving contracts. Upon returning to his home in the San Francisco Bay Area he continued to work as a freelance diver for various commercial diving contractors in the area while at the same time started BDS. Over the years gaining both diving and small business experience BDS has developed into a respected commercial diving firm in the San Francisco Bay Area that successfully completes many commercial diving contracts every year.

BDS performs numerous vessel recovery and re-floating projects every year. We have in place contracts with various counties, cities, harbor districts and other government agencies, that if a vessel sinks we respond as soon as possible and re-float or remedy the situation. BDS has in affect and has completed many contracts which involve re-floating, demolishing, transporting and disposing of abandon vessels through out the San Francisco Bay Area and Delta region.

Vessel Demolition
BDS maintains in good standing, various sub-contractors with large equipment and proper insurances to perform duties such as vessel transporting and demolishing on site large vessels that no longer seaworthy.

BDS owns and maintains various equipment for underwater construction and maintenance. Some of these items include: hydraulic and pneumatic tools such as underwater chainsaws, U/W welding and burning rigs, drills, jack hammers, prop polishing, prop pulling and vessel hull cleaning equipment.
BDS performs U/W eminence on vessels, docks, watershed areas, pump stations, intakes and discharge outlets to name a few. Licensed and insured General Engineering Contractor with the state of California.